The Essence And Backbone Of Holistic Wellness

At the beginning of every year, a lot of people seek to achieve wellness and fitness. A few months down the line, most people have either slowed down or abandoned their fitness and well being goals all together. But what pushes people to do this and how can we improve this be improved?

What is holistic well-being?

This involves all sectors of your life; mental, physical, intellectual, psychological, spiritual and many more. It means, you are mentally and physically healthy and fit and that you maintain good human relationships with your family, neighbours, friends and your colleagues. It is possible to maintain balance in all these sectors without feeling pressured and fatigued. But how can you achieve this?

Start with what you know
Many people do not achieve their goals since they are afraid of the unknown. This fear can be combated by starting off with the easy things. For example, if you plan on eating healthier, start by eating healthy foods a few days in a week and keep adding onto this until you have fully transitioned. If it is exercise, start with the easy ones and keep pushing yourself harder every day. Within a short time, you will be able to do things you had initially perceived hard.

Holistic well being cannot be achieved in a few days. It requires persistence and determination to achieve. To ensure persistence, it is essential to identify what motivates you to achieve these goals and objectives. For example, some people seek to achieve fitness and holistic wellness because they have been informed that failure to do so may result in lifestyle diseases that endanger their lives. While this is a strong motivation, there are still people who require an additional shove to do it. The most important factor is to identify the strongest motivating factor and keep it in mind at all time.

While some people are comfortable working alone on different things, sometimes it gets harder especially when you do not have any person to keep you accountable. For example, if one of your goals is to jog at least three times a week, you may find it harder to do so in extreme weather conditions. This derails your plans since you will not be able to maintain the expected time-line. This can easily be solved by getting yourself an accountability partner. This could be a friend, family member, your colleagues at work or even someone you just share interest with but have not been friends.

Minimise stress
One of the main reasons why people do not achieve their goals is because they stress themselves too much. Stress may result from things we can controls or things we cannot control. For the things we cannot control, stressing ourselves is pointless. For those that we can control, we do our best and trust that everything will work out well. By minimising stress, you will be able to attend to matters objectively. Look for activities that help you in minimising your stress levels as these are fundamental in achieving holistic well being.