Politics: All About “Obamacare”

obama-care-timeThere are a lot of people that are for Obamacare, and then there are a lot of people who are against it.  It is really hard to find an unbiased opinion of Obamacare with it causing so much of an uproar across the country right now.  Instead of taking a look at whether it is a good plan or not, we will just take a look at what it really is all about.  Obamacare is also called the Affordable Care Act.  It was first introduced by President Obama, and it is going to make a lot of changes to the way that American’s receive their health care.

There have been a few changes that have already gone into effect.  For instance, your existing plan must include certain types of preventative care, including immunizations, mammograms, and colonoscopies, among many others.  There are other parts of Obamacare that will not take into effect until January of 2014.

Beginning in January, companies are not allowed to charge you more for your plan or deny you health care coverage due to a preexisting condition.  This includes conditions such as diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, and many others.  These are all conditions that health insurance companies used to legally be able to deny you coverage for.

Another change that will be made involves lifetime payout caps.  Some insurance providers have caps that allow them to stop paying on your medical bills after a certain amount.  These caps will be removed in January, which can prove to be very helpful for some people.  Another big change that has really caused people to be upset about Obamacare is the fact that it will be mandatory for individuals to have health care coverage.  If they don’t have coverage, they can be assessed a penalty.

Is being penalized for not having health care coverage something that is fair?  Some say yes, and some say no.  The fact of the matter is that health care coverage is a necessity.  It is something that people need in order to remain healthy and well.  If you don’t have insurance, chances are you won’t go to the doctor often.  Without going to the doctor, you can actually overlook a lot of illnesses and diseases that could be quickly diagnosed and treated by a physician.

Most people that have negative information to say about Obamacare really have not taken the opportunity to look deeper into it and learn what it is all about.  These are some of the main points, but there are many others that are well worth your research.  Before you say that it is not the right plan for America, make sure that you don’t believe everything you hear and do your research yourself.