How to Avoid a Yoga Injury

You may think that yoga isn’t one of those activities that could actually cause injury. However, it is a somewhat physical activity, to it is possible to be injured if you don’t do it correctly. Following are a few tips that can help you to avoid injury when practicing yoga.

1)      Warm Up First

According to fitness experts at, Toronto In Home Personal Trainers, If you are taking a class, get there early and take some time beforehand to center yourself. Become aware of your breathing. Find your rhythm and link your breathing with some simple moves. Start out with a few gentle stretches. If you stretch too far in the beginning, you will trigger the protective reflexes of your muscles, which can cause strains and pulls.

2)      Learn Alignment Principles

There is a reason that most of the yoga styles stress aligning your musculoskeletal system. Consider it in these terms: if the footings of a building were shaky or maybe the frame of a building was not straight, what would happen? The building would most likely crumble, right? So, take time to ground your asana with strong lines and make sure your foundation is strong. If you don’t have ideal alignment, you’re not only risking causing injury to yourself, you’re missing out on some of the advantages of yoga.

3)      Return to Focus on Breathing.

During the class, you should always be aware of your breathing patterns, as it will indicate both your mental and physical state. Is it long and rhythmic or shallow and erratic? Make sure you stay responsive to your breathing and pay attention as you exhale. If necessary, make some adjustments on your exhalations.

4)      Practice Yoga from the Inside

We tend to be visual creatures, taking cues from the world around us. However, though something may look right from the outside, it may not feel so great on the inside. Yoga is a great lesson in learning to deepen and refine our awareness from the outer to the inner layers of ourselves.

5)      Modify Movements as Needed

If you have had surgery or an injury, you shouldn’t be afraid to make some adjustments to the moves or even use some props. If you have an injury or condition that will affect your practice of yoga, you should discuss it with your instructor. If there is a pose that doesn’t feel right or huts in any way, or causes you to develop erratic breathing, back off a bit and speak with your instructor after class.