Free Healthcare: Countries Thriving with It

Ampule and syringe.Believe it or not, there are several countries out there that have a free healthcare system, and are actually able to thrive.  As of 2009, there were 58 countries that offered universal health care, otherwise known as free health care.  The issue that you see with free health care is that it is not actually free.  There are higher taxes and higher government spending involved, but it can actually prove to be beneficial to the overall success of the country as a whole.

Out of the 58 countries that have Universal healthcare, the one that stands out the most is Canada.  Canada offers “free health care” to their citizens, and it seems to work great for them.  They have had a Universal health care program in effect since 1984, which is when the Canada Health Act was first enacted.

The difference with these countries is that free health care systems are partially funded by the public, and partially funded by the government.  With that being said, doctors in these countries do not necessarily receive an annual salary.  Many times, they are simply paid a certain amount per visit or per service.

When countries offer “free health care”, they are promoting a healthier environment.  After all, you can take a look at one of the wealthiest countries- the United States – and you will see that there is an alarming percentage of people that don’t have any health insurance coverage.  Without health insurance, many people just don’t go to the doctor when they are sick, or they go to the emergency room and skip out on paying their bill.

Other countries that have public free health care include Mexico, Cuba, Scotland, England, the UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, Norway, Iceland, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Germany, France, Austria, and many others.  Most of these countries are thriving with their free health care systems. 

One negative downfall to countries that offer free health care is the fact that it can take much longer to get in to see your doctor.  This is because there is a higher demand of people that are wanting to see a physician.  Think about it, if more people in America had health insurance, our doctor’s offices would be much more packed.  This is to be expected when everyone in the country has access to the health care that they need.

As you can see, health care reform and free health care is not always a bad idea.  It can really help to add to the overall health of the country, and it is something that more countries should take the time to consider.  Even though it costs tax payers some additional money, it helps to ensure that everyone has access to medical treatment.